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I have a confession to make. I’m a Resharper junkie. I’m addicted to it and just can’t work with a naked Visual Studio any more. I’ve tried hiding this since the early 1.something days (1.65? it’s a bit of a blur) but I can’t any more.

OK – anyone that knows me will know that I haven’t hidden this fact very well and that in fact I try to spread my addiction to others. Well now I have good news. Jetbrains have a partner program and if you drop me your details then I can arrange for a 60 day trial of Jetbrains products and if you do purchase then you will get between 5%-10% off the purchase price.

Obviously I will benefit in some way beyond the simple fact that I have helped spread the joy to others but let’s face it – that is reward in itself 😉


OK – it has been a long long LONG time coming but I have finally bitten the bullet and got a blog. The thing that finally motivated me enough is that I’m doing a talk at the Cambridge SPA group on June 11th about Dependency Injection (and will hopefully get the chance to give the same talk at Skills Matter).

So, that is the motivating reason for the blog. I now plan to follow up this starting post with many others.